Yes, You Can Afford a Pastor, Here’s How.

If your church is too small and struggling to afford a full-time pastor, here is a plan that may be helpful. There are men in special circumstances who can go without drawing a salary for a limited period of time (I even do this myself on occasion to assist a church). He could be a retired pastor willing to help, or he could be someone with a part-time job. One other possibility is that he has more than average energy levels, but beware of depending on high energy levels because supermen tend to burnout or lose their families. It is not fair to expect a pastor to do this for any longer than necessary.A life coach working as a church relationships specialist would warn you against getting into the mindset of accepting this situation forever, but it can work temporarily.

Here is the plan. Determine the bare needs of  the church. List only things like mortgage, heating, utilities and those absolutely necessary items. Once you have the budget in place for the year make an agreement with the pastor that  3/4 of the income higher than the budgeted amount will belong to the pastor. Give it to him in monthly amounts for the next budget year. Once the pastor’s income has grown to a reasonable amount, the method will be ended and the normal process of setting the salary beings. Be very sure to make a written agreement at the beginning that establishes how much the salary will be to trigger and end to this method.


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